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Discover Wellness in Every Sip at Granite Coffee Shop, Gig Harbor

Granite Coffee Shop, Gig Harbor - your local haven for healthy living and tasty treats.

More Than Your Average Brew

Do you find yourself falling into the same old coffee routine day after day? Craving something different to jumpstart your mornings or reenergize your afternoons? At Granite Coffee in Gig Harbor, we've taken the familiar comforts of a traditional coffee shop and given them a refreshing upgrade. Here, the cozy ambiance you cherish in your go-to cafe intertwines seamlessly with a profound dedication to health and well-being.

Step into a world where each sip not only tantalizes your taste buds but also takes a step towards a healthier version of you. Our handpicked selection boasts a diverse range of robust coffees, aromatic teas, and invigorating juices, all designed to strike the perfect harmony between flavor and well-being. Whether you're seeking the comforting embrace of a classic brew or feeling adventurous enough to try something new, Granite Coffee Shop, Gig Harbor, WA, has got you covered.

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Our Handpicked Coffee & Juice Bar

Lose yourself in the inviting aroma of our diverse coffee blends. From the robust shot of espresso to the creamy lattes, each cup offers a flavor expedition. Prefer a cool treat? Dive into our juice bar and embrace the freshness.

Our Tea Selection

Let our teas take you on a global journey. Whether you stick to the classics or venture into unknown territories, our extensive collection is sure to captivate. From soothing chamomile to the exotic hues of butterfly tea, relish in the diverse tastes and aromas.

Supplements, Health Products, and More

Want to give your well-being a boost? Explore our vast array of supplements and skincare products tailored for diverse needs. From the cognitive benefits of Lions Main mushrooms to supplements aiding your post-exercise recovery, consider us your holistic health hub.

Stay on top of the health wave with our curated assortment of trending wellness items. Whether you're drawn to the calming properties of Kratom and Kava or the enigmatic allure of Blue Lotus Prerolls, we're your gateway to the world of wellness.

Easy Steps to a Healthier You

Step 1: Step In or Log On

Visit us in Gig Harbor or browse our online store. We're here, wherever you are.

Step 2: Dive Deep

Explore our variety of coffee, tea, supplements, and more. Need advice? Our friendly team is here to guide you.

Step 3: Sip, Savor, Smile

Relax in our cafe or get your picks delivered to your door. Boost wellness, one product at a time.

What Do Our Customers Think?

We believe in the power of feedback. Hear straight from those who've tasted, tried, and loved what we offer.

A great coffee shop always has a variety of quality coffee types and food items to choose from. Look for different types of beans, varied ways of preparation, and locally sourced products. - Alex

Great selection of Fresh, Raw, Organic Juices, Green Smoothies, Bowls and innovative approach to a Juice Bar. So glad Silverdale and Kitsap County has a spot to stop for these items now. Highly recommend. - Tiffany

Their selection of personal care products and alternative items like kava, kratom, and mushrooms adds an intriguing dimension to the overall experience. It's a one-stop destination for both self-indulgence and exploration. - Richard
Great business, good prices, incredible selection of kava, kratom, mushrooms, and blue lotus and very knowledgeable staff. With some of the most unique product selection in health and wellness. Stop searching for coffee shops near me or kava near me cause this is your on stop shop. Highly recommend stopping by. Will be coming back. - Alice

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey

With delightful brews, quality supplements, and a team that cares, Granite Coffee in Gig Harbor is where your wellness journey begins.

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FAQs at Granite Coffee Shop, Gig Harbor, WA

What Makes Granite Coffee Different From Other Coffee Shops in Gig Harbor, WA?

Granite Coffee, Gig Harbor, WA, offers more than just the traditional coffee shop vibe. We seamlessly integrate the allure of a flavorful brew with the benefits of wellness. Our vast array of coffees, teas, juices, supplements, and more provides a holistic experience, making us a standout choice among Gig Harbor coffee shops.

Do You Have Healthy Drinks at Your Cafe?

Absolutely! Our café prides itself on a menu brimming with health-centric options. From freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas to coffee concoctions, we design our offerings to cater to your well-being.

Are There Vegan or Gluten-Free Options?

Of course, we respect and understand varied dietary choices and needs. Our diverse menu includes choices that are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Simply reach out, and our team will happily guide you to the best options.

Where Do You Get Your Coffee Beans From?

At Granite Coffee, quality reigns supreme. Our coffee beans are sourced from reputable farmers who not only prioritize taste but also sustainable farming practices. Enjoy a cup, knowing it's ethically sourced and environmentally conscious.

Can I Find Supplements for My Health Goals at Your Store?

Yes, we house a diverse collection of top-notch supplements tailored for various health needs - be it energy boosts, skincare, or overall well-being. Not sure what's right for you? Our adept team is at your service to guide you to the best picks.

Is Your Store Just in Gig Harbor?

While our physical location is a gem in Gig Harbor, we have many locations throughout the state of Washington. Plus, our digital presence ensures we're accessible from anywhere. Dive into our online store anytime and enjoy our array of wellness products delivered to your doorstep.

Do You Offer Online Shopping for Health Products?

Yes, our comprehensive online store is designed for seamless shopping experiences. Browse our wellness product range, place your order, and we'll handle the rest - delivering right to your home.

Do You Have Blue Lotus Prerolls?

Yes, we do! We take pride in staying abreast of the latest wellness trends. Our inventory includes the popular Blue Lotus Prerolls. Interested in knowing more? Visit us, and our team will be pleased to assist.

Do You Give Discounts to Military Members?

We sure do! We hold immense gratitude for our military heroes. Present your military ID at our store, and avail of an exclusive discount as a token of our appreciation.

Can I Hold a Special Event at Your Coffee Cafe?

Absolutely! Our inviting café space serves as an ideal venue for events. Be it a coffee tasting event, wellness seminar, or a private gathering - reach out to us, and together, we can bring your vision to life.

Still Got Questions?

Pop into our Gig Harbor store, or drop us a message online. We're here to help and chat about all things coffee and wellness!

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